Oil tank

Tank Level Monitoring & Control

Monitor oil and water level

  • Manage oil-water ratios
  • Identify and quickly shut in wells during flooding
  • Know when and how much off loading is taking place
  • Reduce shipping cots by reducing short loads
  • Receive alerts during offloading to help prevent theft
  • Identify potential leaks

Remotely control tank valves

  • Open or isolate tanks to streamline operations and save travel costs
  • Prevent unauthorized offloading
  • Consolidate produced water
Artificial lift

Artificial Lift Monitoring and Control

Monitor artificial lift status

  • Ensure lift activity is occurring
  • Monitor cycle count to ensure lift is functioning optimally
  • Monitor pump jack fuel levels
  • Monitor chemical tote levels

Remotely turn artificial lift on or off

  • Save travel and chemical costs when down hole conditions are not productive to pump.
Well head

Well Head Monitoring and Control

Control master valve to shut in well

  • Remotely shut in the well when production is not desired or conditions are not favorable

Control choke valve to regulate flow

  • Regulate flow to maximize production via remote controlled choke valve

Monitor well head pressure and temperature for optimal production

  • Monitor well conditions to optimize production